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Art Licensing. Artvisions’ mission is helping licensees & artists maximize their revenue potential. ArtVisions’ carefully curated licensing collection of appealing market-ready art and design means quick and easy selection; translating to cost and schedule savings. Artworks & designs are suitable for a wide range of products including: leisure & hobby; home decor; tabletop & room accents; textiles; stationery and giftware items.

Key areas are sales agreements and licensing agreements, and their associated proposals, work statements (SOW) & special terms.



Easily license unique artworks.

ArtVisions' Rights Managed (RM) art licensing is the quick, easy and economical way to license art for your projects. We embrace the internet to put art at your fingertips (literally, if you use a keyboard and mouse or mobile device), making it easy for you to quickly license art from our large and varied selection.

RM art licensing from ArtVisions is fast, simple and safe. Terms and fees are clearly stated before you commit.



Rights Managed (RM) licensing means that you can license an image for a specific usage, for a one year term with world-wide use, and options to expand term up to three years. The number of authorized imprints during the term varies, and includes incremental options for larger print quantities.

Because ArtVisions offers only unique fine art and custom designs from our curated collections, the licensee can be confident that the licensed image will not be widely used by competitors. ArtVisions offers an option to request an upgrade to exclusive rights, depending upon image availability.


Rights Managed (RM) licensing means Non-exclusive license for Single use of an image on one commercial product (a single SKU): worldwide license.

Written Agreement is provided for each RM License. Visit the RM Price List page and scroll down to the link to Download a copy of the License Agreement PDF


RGB tiff digital file @ 200ppi*
 *minimum resolution - most files are @ higher resolution - up to 300ppi



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