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Milman Design Studio creates original digital & hand-painted art & repeat designs with an emphasis on textile, print and surface designs for the leisure, home and paper markets.

The Designs are Useful for

  • stationery & tabletop items,
  • greetings,
  • Gift Bags,
  • paper products,
  • puzzles,
  • calendars,
  • wall decor,
  • giftware,
  • dinnerware,
  • textiles,
  • bed & bath
  • fashion accessories
  • quilting hobbyists
  • or as a design element on other merchandise.

Kaleidoscope Collection

Theme: Small geometric symmetrical structures.

A few Selections from Kaleidoscope Collection


A few Kaleidoscope Collection Product concepts are:


Floral-Traditional Collection

Theme: Symmetrical floral designs.

A few Selections from Floral-Traditional Collection


Art-Deco Collection

Theme: Decorative geometric.

A few Selections from Art-Deco Collection

OPTION: reasonable adjustment of color palette is available upon request to designer.


Andre Milman has a broad and deep understanding for commercial service requirements and manufacturer’s needs for reliable professional trend-led designers; and he is acutely aware of current and emerging trends, resulting in fresh, trendy designs suitable for a plethora of surfaces.